Our signature solution, Lead with Conversations®, is a research-driven means of changing organizational culture by changing how individuals and teams communicate with one another. Based on cutting edge advancements in neuroscience, Lead with Conversations® provides a practical and proven toolbox for building high performing teams.

The tools are not only for work. Our clients repeatedly share how the techniques they learn lead to measurable performance outcomes at work and at home. When people are happy at home, they have more to offer at work.

“I participated in your presentation Tuesday at the Utah Chief's of Police Mid-Winter Conference. I enjoyed your message and learned a bit about myself, my position as a Chief of Police, a father and husband. I believe in your message, and more importantly your delivery of that message. You made me want to be a better me.”

Police Chief

Law Enforcement Agency

Our Solutions

Wellness and Resiliency

Practical, easily integrated, daily practices to develop mindfulness and positive resiliency for more effective leadership and managing stress and change.


The transference of new technologies, tool and methodologies, allowing accelerate growth aligned with the organizational purpose.


Designed to understand the current status of the individual, team, culture and strategy.


Using a “leader as a coach” framework to integrate the tools and foster a change of habits and behaviors to drive vision, leadership and transformation.


Medium and long term engagement to address the cultural and strategic elements of growth.

Conversation Cafes

Collaborative conversation processes especially designed for large groups to share knowledge and harness the collective wisdom around key questions that will move the organization forward.

Performance Management

Alignment processes for leaders/teams to identify measureable performance benchmarks to accelerate growth from current reality to achieving vision.

Our Approach

We recognize your organization is a dynamic living system with specific needs and challenges.

Unlike training companies who try to fit a “one size fits all” approach, we custom design solution at the starting point that will make the greatest visible measurable difference - FAST!

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