In today’s competitive economy, culture is either an organization’s greatest asset or its biggest liability. A positive, high performing culture attracts and retains talent, holds employees accountable to the organizational vision and creates a collaborative, productive and innovative work environment.

Our research shows traditional management practices often hurt instead of help - negatively impacting employees’ productivity and the bottom line.

“I know you don't know me but I was on the second row yesterday and asked about dealing with people in roll call. I just want to thank you again for your training. I hate to admit it but I was looking for a reason to leave then you kind of sucked me in with the message you were delivering and how applicable it was to what I do (which isn't always the case with training conferences). I really learned a lot and had a few of those "ah ha" moments in the process! I've been with the police department for 34 years but I've only been Chief for 2.5. I have incredible men and women who work here but it's a tough job and you gave me some real help yesterday. For that I'm grateful!”

Police Chief

Law Enforcement Agency

Change the culture by changing the conversations

The Lead with Conversations® methodology recognizes that organizations are living systems and their culture is created by their people and how well they relate to each other. Whether the challenge is profitability, costs or performance - the solution always resides in people.

The first step to building a highly productive organizational culture is understanding the patterns, behaviors and stories that are often unconsciously embedded in everyday operations. Lead with Conversations® identifies the best practices while dismantling those that are limiting the organization’s success.


Our proven tools develop strong leaders, build high performing teams, and identify and operationalize the core values that determine an organization’s culture and ultimately, its success.

With Lead with Conversations®, you can expect:

  • A performance accelerator that simultaneously reduces stress and increases resiliency
  • Research-based tools that are easily remembered and utilized - especially when a conversation becomes unpredictable
  • Increased trust, compassion and empathy
  • Stronger working relationships across teams and divisions, less silos
  • Transformation into a problem solving culture instead of a complaining culture

The methodology is especially helpful for:

  • Performance reviews
  • Developing high potential employees
  • Providing feedback to a team
  • Managing conflict between colleagues
  • Celebrating successes
  • Handling mistakes
  • Conflict management within and between teams
  • Problem solving
  • Dealing with irate customers and/or clients
  • Fail forward
  • Managing up
  • Strategic planning
  • Project planning
  • Product and /or client review
  • Improving sales
  • Casual and formal one-on-one conversations
  • Virtual leadership among geographically dispersed teams
  • Leading culturally diverse teams
  • Developing positive employee resiliency
  • Managing accountability
  • Increasing empathetic conversations