Change the culture by changing the conversation

Change the culture by changing the conversation


Your organization is a dynamic living system with specific needs and challenges.

Our Approach


Performance and results are directly impacted by how your employees relate to one another, your customers, and stakeholders.

Our Results


Increase trust, communication and resiliency while reducing unnecessary conflict when managing up, handling mistakes or dealing with difficult personalities.


Our solutions begin at the point that will make the greatest, most visible and measurable difference - FAST.

“As the head of our division, I found J'Lein's insights and recommendations incredibly valuable in helping me understand, prioritize, and effectively address our workplace challenges. In particular, I benefitted from her objective assessment of our workforce's culture, to include their grievances and motivators, and how our supervisory team was managing their personnel. Her coaching resulted in more meaningful communications between employees and supervisors, which resulted in more accountability, increased productivity, and better leadership.”

Amy Hess, Special Agent-in-Charge

Federal Bureau of Investigation - Louisville Division


Better conversations
create better organizations.

An organization’s culture IS a conversational culture. How your employees relate to one another, your customers as well as your internal and external stakeholders directly impacts performance and results.

Lead with Conversations® is a practical and proven methodology using a brain-based approach integrating emotional intelligence, mindfulness, and positive practices to improve your people’s ability to communicate, reduce the negative behavioral impact of stress and improve results.

Whether the need is managing up, closing feedback loops, handling mistakes or dealing with difficult personalities, our methodologies increase trust, communication and resiliency while reducing unnecessary conflict. Your result: A positive, creative and high performing work culture built on a foundation of shared meaning and purpose.

“Our Utah Department of Corrections had made great strides in the area of servant and transformational leadership. However, we still lacked an ability to connect at all levels of the organization as well as struggled to build a sense of unity and collaboration across our multitude of divisions. Dr. Liese provided us the pathway and the communication tools to have the difficult, yet essential discussions among each other to accomplish our organizational goals.

The personal guidance and training she provided transformed an organization of department silos into a strong and unified team that looks forward to the next challenge as an opportunity to use the wisdom she provides. This innovative and unique approach to leadership was exactly the missing ingredient necessary for us to become our very best!”

Rollin Cook, Executive Director

Utah Department of Corrections